The thing we dream of is

The next generation personal AI-stylist

Imagine, that
someone combined
in one product...

  • Digitized wardrobe
  • Lady
  • Wardrobe score
  1. Your digitised
  2. Eye for fashion
    & style expertise
  3. Machine learning
    & generative AI skills

and all these —
serve to save your
time and money

It’s time for Generative AI to come to fashion

Aiuta -
it helps (ital.)

Lady in modern orange blouse and wavy skirt
  • Portrait of lady with big hearings
    • Aiuta, I have a whole wardrobe of things, but there is nothing to wear...
    • It seems, that I don’t like anything. What should I do?
  • Portrait of man in coral t-shirt
    • Aiuta, I like this jacket. Will it fit my wardrobe? If yes, show me some similar items please.
  • Portrait of curly lady
    • Aiuta, I’m tired of spending my time shopping online.
    • I just need a pair of solid boots under $150 that fit the most of my clothes

Aiuta makes you look and feel better

It is here to reveal your inviduality and celebrate the uniqueness of your personality. Make the most out of your looks

  • Wardrobe booster
    Unlock your wardrobe potential with Aiuta. Put everything in order to get the most out of every item and increase your wardrobe efficiency
  • Style expert
    Aiuta gives you actionable advice on how to express your individuality through clothes. In a fun and easy way like never before
  • Shopping assistant
    From now on, anything you buy matches the rest of your wardrobe and fits you perfectly. Better outcome with less money spent

Everyone deserves to look great

Celebrities have stylists always following them. With Aiuta, you have one right in your pocket. And it’s affordable too.

Mobile phone in a hand
Human stylistAI-stylist
hourly payments
It’s free. Pay only for pro-features
Vacations, weekends and other clientsAvailable 24/7
only for you
May have an outdated opinionAI powered and always up to date
Geographically limitedWorks anywhere you have connection

Aiuta is following you everywhere, like a celebrity stylist

No more nothing-to-wear moments. And your closet is to the fullest utilised

  • At home

    It helps you choose the best combination from your wardrobe

    Lady in front of open wardrobe
  • In the shop

    It gives you advice in the fitting room when you need it

    Lady in fitting room holds the dress
  • Online

    It helps you shop the best match

    Lady with mobile in palm, behind open laptop lid

Aiuta helps you
to find your style

Aiuta’s Generative Try On allows you to try on actual trends and finds the style that suits you the best

  • Try on new styles virtually
  • Share your new virtual looks with friends and get feedback
  • Optimise your wardrobe to fit the chosen style
  • Stick to your chosen style while shopping

How it works?

While creating your looks, Aiuta takes into account your lifestyle, shape, behaviour and habits

  1. Aiuta provides recommendations based on the clothes you have and your preferences

    Laptop with online store on screen
  2. You receive a powerful wardrobe assistant which allows you to organise clothes and validate the quality of looks 24/7

    Mobile with wardrobe assistant on screen
  3. The more info you share with us, the more relevant and beneficial offers we can get for you

    • Man face
    • Lady face
    • Lady face
  4. We use the information provided to get the best possible result

    Example of scoreExample of score

Conscious fashion starts with you

Aiuta also empowers you to be extra conscious about sustaining your wardrobe

  • Buying only the things
    you adore helps you wear
    them longer
  • The capsule approach increases
    the efficiency of your wardrobe.
    And we highlight the gaps
  • Purchasing items from
    sustainable brands reduces
    your carbon footprint
27 items total; B+ sustainability; 201 user appreciationsWardrobe efficiency rate: 8/10

5 more examples
how Aiuta helps you

  • to make better buying decisions

    Aiuta maximises your benefits while purchasing online or offline, because it knows your preferences and recommends the best

    Best choice of 2 clothes
  • to make your shopping
    more personal

    Choose the best hoodie from thousands. Easy! The more Aiuta knows, the more helpful it becomes, and even goes shopping for you

    Best match of 8 black hoodies
    black hoodie
  • to decide what to wear today

    No more wardrobe panic. Create some ready-to-wear outfits from your digitised wardrobe. Get the best combinations supported by the opinion of the stylists

    Choice of 4 outfits
  • to enjoy reactions and be aware of trends

    Be social, share your looks, ask for a second opinion, enjoy conversations about trendy clothes and fits

    Mobile with smart wardrobe camera
    96% admire your look
  • to be more sustainable and eco-friendly

    Buying only the things you adore helps you wear them longer. This way, you need fewer things to be satisfied.

    Just being more conscious, you reduce fashion`s environmental impact

  • Mobile phone in a palm; Aiuta application on its screen

    In a nutshell,
    Aiuta is here to make you look terrific.

Aiuta is not just an app, it’s a
powerful assistant

You can ask Aiuta whatever you want in human language: using voice, uploading photos or sending a video

Mobile with Aiuta application on the screen
  • FashionGPT

    helps to create amazing outfits, just like text models behind ChatGPT generate captivating texts

  • Wishmaker

    allows Aiuta to solve even complicated tasks

  • Check-it-out

    helps you make a reasoned choice by providing you with a second opinion

  • NLP

    makes your interactions with Aiuta more natural

AI excellence comes into fashion…

"AIdam and god"
  • We are
    a team of

    who are deeply convinced that such specific yet essential things as how you look and how confident you are can be improved with the power of technologies.

  • We’ve already teamed up with some excellent stylists worldwide to ensure that tech and real-life experience empower each other.

    Drop us a line if you’re interested in collaborating with us

  • 25+years of relevant experience

    in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Speech Technologies in multibillion corporations.

    Having built two successful product lines of smart devices with voice assistants.

  • Photo of our team

Join our journey
to the AI-assisted future

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Your first ever
personal AI-stylist

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